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Understanding the Science of Psychedelics

Understanding How Psychedelics Work with Dr. Alex Belser

How do psychedelics work? We answer your questions about psychedelic medicine with Dr,. Alex Belser.

  • Health Canada Policies on Psilocybin Therapy

    Health Canada Makes Dramatic Shift on Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy – Psychedelic News Roundup

    Discover Health Canada’s surprising policy shift on psilocybin-assisted therapy in this week’s Psychedelic News Roundup. Learn about a historic win for a Canadian patient, groundbreaking addiction treatments, an innovative LSD microdosing device, and new research on reducing death anxiety with psychedelics.
  • David Connell

    FDA Issues Warning on Diamond Shruumz

    FDA Issues Warning on Diamond Shruumz Products After Multiple Illnesses Reported

    The FDA warns against consuming Diamond Shruumz microdosing products after reports of severe illnesses and hospitalizations in eight states. Learn about the symptoms, affected areas, and safety recommendations.
  • David Connell

    Canadian University Launches Psychedelic Master Program

    Canadian University Launches First Psychedelic Master’s Program – Psychedelic News Roundup

    Discover the University of Ottawa’s pioneering master’s program in Psychedelics and Consciousness. Stay updated with new psychedelic studies, changes to New Jersey’s psilocybin bill, and more in this week’s Psychedelic News Roundup.
  • David Connell

    FDA Panel Rejects MDMA Therapy

    FDA Panel Rejects Lykos Therapeutics’ MDMA for PTSD Application

    An FDA advisory panel voted against approving Lykos Therapeutics’ MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD, citing concerns over research integrity and potential risks. This decision impacts the future of psychedelic treatments in mental health care.
  • David Connell

    Alex Belser and Bill Brennan

    EMBARK: Integrating Mind, Body, and Spirit in Psychedelic Therapy

    Discover EMBARK, a holistic approach to psychedelic therapy that integrates mind, body, and spirit for comprehensive healing. Learn how Dr. Alex Belser and Dr. Bill Brennan’s model is set to transform psychedelic-assisted therapy with innovative practices and ethical care.
  • David Connell

    Can Psychedelics Help Stuttering

    Can Psychedelics Help Stuttering? – Psychedelic News Roundup

    Discover the latest in psychedelic news with stories covering new studies on LSD for stuttering, the potential of CBD for anxiety, and the promise of psychoactive drugs like MDMA in mental health treatment.
  • David Connell

    Ayahuasca taught veteran about self-love

    Ten Things Psychedelics Taught This Veteran About Self-Love and Acceptance

    Discover how ayahuasca helped former Navy Petty Officer Melissa Zapata overcome PTSD and anxiety, and learn valuable lessons about self-love and acceptance. Explore her journey and insights gained from this powerful Amazonian brew.
  • David Connell

    couples experience psychedelics differently

    Why Do Married Couples Experience Psychedelics Differently – Psychedelic News Roundup

    Explore the latest insights in our Psychedelic News Roundup, including a study on how marital status influences psychedelic experiences, advances in psychedelic marijuana policy reform, and the risks of uncontrolled psychedelic use. Discover more about the potential benefits and dangers of psychedelics.
  • David Connell

    Researchers Call MDMA Clinical Trial Data Into Question

    Scientist and Researchers Call MDMA Clinical Trial Data Into Question – Psychedelic News Roundup

    Explore the latest psychedelic news, including the controversy around MAPS’ MDMA clinical trial data, groundbreaking studies on MDMA and LSD therapies, and the VA’s expanding research into psychedelic treatments for veterans.
  • David Connell

    Amanita Muscaria Gummies in Las Vegas

    Here’s What You Need to Know About Amanita muscaria, The Other “Magic Mushroom”

    Have you heard of Amanita muscaria, the legal magic mushroom found in stores nationwide? We explore the science, history, and reality of muscimol-containing products to help you learn more about these potent psychoactive fungi.
  • Mateo Blumer

    Psychedelic Stocks

    Top Six Psychedelic Stocks, Plus Three Major Players: Investing in The Next Biotech Boom

    Explore the top psychedelic stocks poised for growth in the biotech boom, featuring promising investments in the psychedelic pharmaceutical industry.
  • David Connell

    Americans Have Positive Experiences on Psychedelics

    Most Americans Have Positive Experiences on Psychedelics – Psychedelic News Roundup

    Discover how most Americans report positive experiences with psychedelics in this week’s Psychedelic News Roundup. Explore critical updates, including legal challenges for psilocybin access and the evolving legislative landscape for psychedelic therapy in states like Vermont.
  • Jason Najum

    Rick Doblin Time 100

    Rick Doblin Named Time’s Top 100 in Healthcare, Orangutan Uses Medicinal Plant to Heal – Psychedelic News Roundup

    In this week’s psychedelic news, Rick Doblin named to Time Magazine’s Top 100, and more.
  • Jason Najum

    Shulgin Farm Lab

    Shulgin Farm Launches Campaign to Preserve Psychedelics History

    The famous Shulgin Farm has launched a campaign to honor psychedelic history and expand the community
  • Jason Najum

    U.S Government to Reschedule Cannabis

    Marijuana Momentum: U.S Government to Reschedule Cannabis

    Big news in drug reform policy as the U.S. government will move marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule III.
  • David Connell

    Psychedelic Visuals

    Could Psychedelic Visuals Be More Important Than We Thought? – Psychedelic News Roundup

    Explore the latest in psychedelic news, including studies on the importance of psychedelic visuals and LSD, psilocybin’s therapeutic potential, new psychedelic legislation, and the ethical discussions surrounding these treatments. Stay informed on groundbreaking research and legislative updates shaping the future of psychedelic therapy.
  • Jason Najum

    MDMA Enhancing Self-Experience for PTSD Treatment

    New Study Reviews Side Effects of MDMA Therapy

    A new meta-study reviews the side effects of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy across various psychiatric conditions.
  • David Connell

    LSD for Athletes

    Could LSD Make You a Better Athlete? Exploring the Science of Psychedelics to Enhance Athletic Performance

    Explore the intriguing potential of psychedelics like LSD to enhance athletic performance. Discover how microdosing could revolutionize training, improve focus, and manage pain, offering athletes a novel way to boost endurance and cognitive functions without the drawbacks of traditional stimulants.
  • Jason Najum

    Ketamine May Reduce Postpartum Depression

    Ketamine May Reduce Postpartum Depression, Study Finds – Psychedelic News Roundup

    In this week’s psychedelic news, a new study shows ketamine helps with postpartum depression, and more.
  • Jason Najum

    LSD and Sleep

    New Study Shows LSD Microdosing Improves Sleep Duration

    A new study found that LSD microdoses led to an increase in sleep duration the night following microdosing.
  • David Connell

    Weird History of LSD

    The Weird History of LSD: How Acid Changed America

    Explore the strange and little-known history of LSD and its profound impact on American culture, from its discovery by Albert Hofmann to its influence on the counterculture movement and modern psychedelic research. Learn how this potent psychedelic reshaped music, art, spirituality, and medicine in the United States.
  • David Connell

    Patients Consent on Psychedelic AT

    Do Patients Know Enough to Consent to Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy? – Psychedelic News Roundup

    In this week’s psychedelic news, we explore stories focusing on informed consent issues in therapy, legislative updates from Colorado, and new federal moves on cannabis reform. Learn about the complexities of integrating psychedelics into healthcare and the latest studies on psilocybin safety.
  • David Connell

    Zach Leary's Intensive Studies Program

    Navigating the Psychedelic Renaissance: Zach Leary’s Intensive Studies Program

    Join Zach Leary’s Psychedelic Studies Intensive Program, an 8-week journey blending ancient wisdom with modern science to explore psychedelic healing. Dive deep into the world of psychedelics with live, interactive sessions designed for both new and experienced psychonauts.
  • Jason Najum

    Psychedelics Conference 2024

    2024 Psychedelic Conferences & Events

    Explore our guide to this year’s top psychedelic conferences and events.
  • David Connell

    Tripping on LSD During Solar Eclipse

    How Tripping on LSD during the Solar Eclipse Could Change Your Life

    Uncover how LSD alters our perception of time, visual spectacle and emotion, turning this event into a deep, cosmic journey. Gain insights into LSD’s brain effects, spiritual revelations, and essential safety tips.
  • Saga Briggs

    Uncover the Secrets of Self-Transmutation

    Uncover the Secrets of Self-Transmutation in “How to Change Your Body” by Saga Briggs

    Learn how Saga Briggs’ “How to Change Your Body” could help you tap into your hidden potential. Through a combination of detailed interviews with psychedelic science experts and personal stories, Saga’s latest book weaves a new and interesting take on better health.
  • David Connell

    Psychedelics New Germany

    German Bundesrat Moves Forward with Cannabis Legalization Program – Psychedelic News Roundup

    In this week’s psychedelic news, learn about Germany’s recent legalization of Cannabis and THC products, as well as several new psilocybin studies and more.
  • David Connell

    MDMA Therapy In Australia

    MDMA Therapy In Australia: Making History One Prescription at a Time

    Explore the groundbreaking journey of MDMA therapy in Australia with Dr. Ted Cassidy’s historic prescription for PTSD, marking a new era in mental health treatment. Discover how this innovative approach is shaping the future of psychedelic-assisted therapy.
  • David Connell

    Oregon and California Capitals

    Psychedelic News Roundup: Oregon and California Drug Policy Changes May Threaten Psychedelic Access

    Explore the latest in psychedelic news, including Oregon and California’s potential reversal of drug policy reforms, the role of spiritual health practitioners in psychedelic therapy, Numinus Wellness’s clinical trial on group MDMA therapy, and more.
  • David Connell

    Natural Psilocybin

    Psychedelic News Roundup: Cybin Receives FDA Breakthrough Status & New Study Shows Natural Psilocybin Outperforms Synthetic

    Discover the latest in psychedelic news, including a study showing natural psilocybin’s superiority over synthetic forms for mental health, Utah’s new psychedelic therapy bill, insights on psychedelics in adolescent mental health, and Cybin’s FDA breakthrough designation for depression treatment.