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Psychedelic Art Legend Alex Grey Reveals His Favorite Artists and Shares How to Return to a “State of Wonder”

Legendary psychedelic artist Alex Grey speaks with science writer Nick Hilden about how psychedelics saved his life and inspired him to create stunning works of visual genius.

  • David Connell

    Microdosing for ADHD

    What You Need to Know About Microdosing for ADHD

    Explore the potential of microdosing psychedelics as a new treatment for ADHD. Discover insights from pioneering research and compare it with traditional ADHD treatments.
  • David Connell

    MAPS Israel Plans MDMA Therapy Study

    MAPS-Israel Plans MDMA-Assisted Therapy for 400 Survivors of October 7th Massacre

    In this week’s Psychedelic News Roundup, we explore groundbreaking developments in psychedelic therapy, including MAPS-Israel’s ambitious study for October 7th massacre survivors using MDMA, the FDA’s fast-tracked review of MDMA therapy for PTSD, and new research into cannabis-based treatments for melanoma, and more.
  • David Connell

    VETS Approach to PTSD Recovery

    Beyond the VA: VETS’ Innovative Approach to PTSD Recovery for Veterans

    Explore how psychedelic therapy offers new hope for veterans struggling with PTSD and mental health issues. Learn about VETS’ mission to provide access, support, and advocacy for transformative treatments.
  • David Connell

    Psychedelics May Improve Sexual Function

    Psychedelic News Roundup: According to Science, Psychedelics May Improve Sexual Function

    In this week’s Psychedelic News Roundup, we take a look at several new studies, including how psychedelics could improve sexual relations and the potential for psilocybin to treat chronic back pain. Also, strong words regarding psychedelic medicine accessibility from Professor David Nutt.
  • David Connell

    The Anti-Hero’s Journey

    The Anti-Hero’s Journey Will Change Your View of Reality Itself – Here’s Why

    Explore the profound and paradoxical insights of Ben “Doc” Askins in “The Anti-Hero’s Journey,” a psychedelic narrative that challenges your understanding of reality and truth. This excerpt invites you on an intellectual odyssey, urging you to question and “untell” the stories that shape your perception of the world.
  • David Connell

    Canadian Support for Psychedelic Medicine

    Psychedelic News Roundup: Canadian Support for Psychedelic Medicine Skyrockets

    In this week’s Psychedelic News Roundup, we highlight a new study showcasing the growing support for psychedelic medicine among Canadians. Other news includes California’s unanimous passage of a new psychedelic bill and AI-powered psychedelic discoveries.
  • David Connell

    Spanish Police Arrest Ayahuasca Retreat Associates

    Psychedelic News: Spanish Police Arrest Ayahuasca Retreat Leadership and Associates

    In this week’s Psychedelic News Roundup, we detail how Spanish police have begun cracking down on unscrupulous psychedelic retreats. Other news includes one woman’s impactful psilocybin experience, a new drug safety study, and exciting clinical trial results.
  • Jenelle J. Rofe. MS, Neuropsychology

    LSD on Sex

    Sex on LSD? How Psychedelics Could Boost Your Love Life

    Did you know that researchers are studying sex on LSD? We explore the potential use of LSD in couples counseling and how LSD could boost your love life.
  • David Connell

    Ukraine explores Ibogaine therapy

    Psychedelic News Roundup: Ukraine to Explore Ibogaine to Treat Traumatic Brain Injury

    In this week’s Psychedelic News Roundup, we cover Ukraine’s efforts to explore ibogaine therapy for TBI in veterans, changes to the UFC’s marijuana policy, and new MDMA study, and more.
  • Justice Rivera

    An Excerpt From Body Autonomy: Decolonizing Sex Work & Drug Use

    Excerpt From Body Autonomy: Decolonizing Sex Work & Drug Use

    Do you know the real costs of the War on Drugs and Trafficking? In this excerpt of Body Autonomy: Decolonizing Sex Work & Drug Use, author Justice Rivera unveils the horrific and hidden realities of prohibition and how the U.S.-led War on Drugs has failed to achieve anything other than perpetuating harm to marginalized communities. Justice also explores the complexities of the new War on Trafficking and how the criminalization of sex workers in the U.S. is having a global impact.
  • Ross Dillon 

    Psychedelic Mushrooms Existed Millions of Years Before Humans

    Psychedelic Mushrooms Existed Millions of Years Before Humans, Study Shows

    In this week’s Psychedelic News Roundup, we examine a study showing psychedelic mushrooms predate humanity by millions of years, a fifth Michigan city decriminalizes psychedelic plants and fungi, and promising new research that shows therapeutic potential in DMT and ibogaine.
  • David Connell

    Reddit Users Psychedelic

    Psychedelic News Roundup: Reddit Users Psychedelic Experiences Contribute to New Research

    In this week’s Psychedelic News Roundup, we explore a new study powered by the psychedelic experiences of Reddit users. Other news includes fresh study results from Cybin Inc., a new partnership between major psychedelics developers and MAPS issues new treatment codes for psychedelic-assisted therapy.
  • David Connell

    Psychedelics 2023 Recap

    A Revolutionary Year for Psychedelic Medicine, 2023 in Review

    2023 was an amazing year for the psychedelic movement. Our psychedelic review of 2023 offers some of the key insights and developments from the past year.
  • David Connell


    Psychedelic News Roundup: Swiss Capital to Legalize Cocaine

    In this week’s Psychedelic News Roundup, the Swiss Capital City, Bern, may legalize cocaine in stunning change. Other news includes new psychedelic research and changes to the Kentucky Ibogaine research program.
  • David Connell

    Trippy Festive Drinks

    Ring in a Psychedelic New Year’s With These Trippy Festive Drinks

    Looking for a way to spice up your New Year’s celebrations? Try our psychedelic eggnog, a psilocybin-infused New Year’s punch, and other trippy festive drinks.
  • David Connell

    Boxer Deontay Wilder Ayahuasca Trip

    Psychedelic News Roundup: American Heavyweight Boxer Deontay Wilder Has Life-Changing Ayahuasca Trip

    In this week’s Psychedelic News Roundup, former heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder recounts his transformative ayahuasca journey. Other psychedelic news includes new studies and fresh legislative action in New Hampshire.
  • David Connell

    Santa Psychedelic Origins

    Santa Claus’s Psychedelic Origins and Other Trippy Holiday Traditions

    What do psychedelics and Santa have in common? We explore Santa Claus’s psychedelic origins and how Siberian Shamans may be shaping your Christmas traditions.
  • David Connell


    What Can We Learn from the Mysterious Mayan (Magic) Mushroom Stones

    Is there a link between psilocybin and Mayan mushroom stones? We explore whether or not the ancient Maya used magic mushrooms and why they may have carved them into the mysterious mushroom stones found throughout Mesoamerica.
  • David Connell

    Psychedelic Legal Win

    Psychedelic News Roundup: Mounting Legal Wins Paint a Bright Future for Psychedelic Medicine

    In this week’s Psychedelic News Roundup, we cover a major shift in congressional psychedelic legislation, a critical court decision, and why one scientist wants you to trip in VR.
  • David Connell

    Running with Psychedelics

    Why My Worst LSD Trip Was The One I Needed the Most

    Can your worst LSD trip also teach you something important? We explore a writer’s most profound LSD trip, and why something scary was exactly what they needed.
  • David Connell

    Baby Boomer Psychedelics

    Psychedelic News Roundup: Why Are Baby Boomers Using Psychedelics?

    In this week’s Psychedelic News Roundup, we explore a new study showing promising results using psilocybin for bipolar II, as well as examining why baby boomers are turning to psychedelic medicine.
  • David Connell

    Baking with Magic Mushrooms

    Baking with Magic Mushrooms: A How-to-Guide for Making Psychedelic Holiday Delights

    Can you really cook with psychedelics? We explore baking with magic mushrooms and how you can use psilocybin to create fun and trippy holiday delights.
  • Zoe Cormier

    Psychedelic Law Part IV

    Australia Legalizes Psychedelics, But Fails to Deliver Results: Psychedelic Law Part IV

    Australia has been making headlines as the first developed nation to legalize psychedelic medicine. So why hasn’t a single Australian patient received MDMA or Psilocybin? We cover the complexities and realities of psychedelic legalization in the land down under.
  • David Connell

    Trippy Movies That Feel Like Being on Psychedelics

    The Top Five Trippy Movies That Feel Like Being on Psychedelics

    Can a trippy movie make you feel like you’re on a psychedelic trip? We curated the top five movies that can make you feel like you’re on psychedelics or doing a hippy flip.
  • David Connell

    ADHD psychedelics

    Psychedelic News Roundup: Could ADHD Medications Supercharge Psilocybin?

    In this week’s Psychedelic News Roundup, we explore a new study examining the therapeutic potential of psilocybin and ADHD medications. Other news includes the evolutionary origins of magic mushrooms and a new study on psychedelics and guilt.
  • Zoe Cormier

    Psychedelic Law Part 3

    Psychedelics, States Rights, and Civil Liberties Collide in the U.S.: Psychedelic Law Part III

    How do state’s rights, psychedelic law, and civil liberties collide in the United States? We explore the complex realities of psychedelic therapy in the U.S.
  • Zoe Cormier

    Psychedelics Law Part II

    Is Canada Really a Bastion of Legal Psychedelics? – Psychedelic Law Part II

    Is the ‘psychedelic renaissance” really here? We explore the true cost of psychedelic prohibition in the U.K. in part one of this four-part series.
  • David Connell

    ChatGPT Psychedelic Guide

    I Asked ChatGPT to Be My Psychedelic Guide, Here’s What Happened.

    Can ChatGPT be a psychedelic guide? We asked ChatGPT some questions about a recent LSD trip. Here is what it had to say.
  • David Connell

    Michael Pollan Speaks at Harvard

    Psychedelic News Roundup: Michael Pollan Speaks About the Future of the Psychedelic Renaissance

    In the week’s Psychedelic News Roundup, Michael Pollan talks about the future of psychedelics. Other news includes a new study examining cannabis’ psychedelic effects and a new psychedelic legalization effort in Massachusetts.
  • David Connell

    Grandmother and Family Try Magic Mushrooms

    Psychedelic News Roundup: 77-Year-Old Grandmother and Her Family Try Magic Mushrooms

    In the week’s psychedelic news roundup, we hear the tale of a 77-year-old grandmother and her family who explored magic mushrooms for therapy. Other psychedelics news includes a new guide to legalization, the launch of Compass Pathways’ latest clinical trial, and more.