In recent years, the interest in psychedelics has surged, not just among those seeking alternative therapies for mental health issues but also among individuals exploring personal growth and consciousness expansion. Zach Leary is at the forefront of this psychedelic renaissance.

As the community looks forward to the next wave of psychedelic exploration, Leary is offering an opportunity to deepen one’s understanding of these powerful substances through his Psychedelic Studies Intensive program. This course intends to be a comprehensive exploration into the use of psychedelic plants and medicines for healing, blending modern scientific research with ancient mystical practices to guide individuals on their journey towards self-discovery and healing.

Who is Zach Leary?

Zach Leary
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Zach Leary’s (son of the late psychedelic researcher Timothy Leary) path to becoming a central figure in the psychedelic movement is as fascinating as it is diverse. Initially carving out a successful career as a digital marketing expert for some of the world’s largest brands, Leary experienced a profound wake-up call 13 years ago that pushed him to begin studying and preserving the history of psychedelics. This pivotal moment redirected his focus toward the heart of the psychedelic community, largely influenced by his primary teacher and mentor, Ram Dass. Since then, Leary has cultivated a unique voice and method, contributing significantly to the new psychedelic movement of the 21st century.

Zach Leary has embraced multiple roles within the psychedelic community. As a health and wellness facilitator, integration coach, session therapist, podcaster, writer, and seeker of all things mystical. He has worked one-on-one with nearly 200 individuals, aiding their healing processes with psychedelic medicines. Currently, Leary hosts The MAPS Podcast, offering in-depth knowledge of psychedelic-assisted facilitation. He is also a trained meditation teacher, a student of bhakti yoga, and an expert in the history of psychedelic culture and substances.

Leary’s contributions are set to expand with the publication of his first book, “Your Extraordinary Mind – Psychedelics in the 21st Century and How to Use Them,” by SoundsTrue in late 2024.

Psychonauts Called to Learn

Psychonauts Called to Learn

Zach Leary’s Psychedelic Studies Intensive is an 8-week, live, interactive course designed to immerse participants in the holistic world of psychedelic healing. Tailored for both aspiring guides and experienced psychonauts, the program combines modern and mystical approaches to offer a comprehensive exploration of psychedelic therapy. Conducted via Zoom, it allows for real-time engagement with Leary and fellow students, creating a personal and community-driven learning experience unlike any other.

The curriculum merges scientific study with spiritual practice, drawing on Leary’s psychedelic experiences, his studies with Ram Dass, and research from leading institutions like MAPS, Johns Hopkins, and NYU. It covers the essentials of being an effective psychedelic guide and looks into the last 60 years of psychedelic research and culture. By the course’s end, participants will deepen their understanding of psychedelic plants and medicines and gain the skills to support others in their healing journeys, embodying the “new thought, ancient wisdom” paradigm.

Everything You Need to Know About The Psychedelic Studies Intensive Program

Psychedelic Studies Intensive Program

The Psychedelic Studies Intensive Program is structured to unfold over eight weeks, each dedicated to a specific aspect of psychedelic guidance and understanding. Here’s a glimpse into the curriculum that makes this program uniquely impactful:

Week One

focuses on the guide’s role and mindset. It emphasizes the importance of the guide’s “set”: their intentions, approach, and ethical considerations essential for conducting meaningful sessions. This module sets the foundation for becoming a compassionate and effective guide.

Week Two

delves into client types, intakes, and assessments, offering insights into the diverse reasons individuals seek psychedelic therapy. It covers the common types of disorders treated with psychedelics and the detailed process of client assessment and intake, ensuring guides are well-prepared to meet their clients’ needs.

Week Three

explores the histories and dosage protocols of psychedelic compounds. This comprehensive overview includes each substance’s cultural, historical, and scientific background, equipping guides with the knowledge to work effectively with different medicines.

Week Four

is dedicated to understanding the science behind psychedelics’ effects on the brain, neurochemistry, and physiology. It reviews groundbreaking studies from leading research institutions, providing a solid scientific foundation for psychedelic therapy.

Week Five

addresses the practical aspects of conducting client sessions. It discusses creating a session blueprint, tips for holding space and integrating ritual and spirituality into the healing process. This module encourages personal authenticity and flexibility in meeting client needs.

Week Six

is split into two parts: managing challenging trips and making sense of successful trips. It reframes “bad trips” as opportunities for growth and explores how to interpret and integrate the insights from profound psychedelic experiences.

Week Seven

involves role-playing, guide and seeker exchanges, and mock sessions. This hands-on practice allows students to apply their knowledge in simulated scenarios, preparing them for real-world applications.

Week Eight

emphasizes the importance of integration. It introduces the MIR methodology and discusses strategies to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of the psychedelic experience in clients’ lives.

The next cohort is scheduled from May 1, 2024, to June 27, 2024, with classes meeting on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 4 p.m. CST. This timing allows participants from various time zones to engage with the course actively.

The course fee is $2,500, although Leary offers some individuals a sliding scale. The class size is intentionally limited to ensure that each participant can engage meaningfully with the content and receive individual attention, enhancing the learning experience.

Enroll Now and Support the Team

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Enrollment is straightforward, with potential students encouraged to visit the program’s website for more information and to use this code PSYCHDOTCOM when registering.
This code secures your spot in the program and supports’s efforts to educate, expand awareness, and advocate for the psychedelic community.

It’s important to note that while this program offers an in-depth exploration of psychedelic therapy and guidance, it does not certify participants as medical professionals. Instead, it serves as a comprehensive educational tool for those looking to deepen their understanding of psychedelic medicine and its applications in healing and personal growth.

For more details and to enroll, prospective students should visit, where they can find additional information and begin their journey into the world of psychedelia.

This material is not intended as a replacement or substitute for any legal or medical advice. Always consult a medical professional about your health needs. Psychedelics are widely illegal in the United States, and readers should always be informed about local, state, and federal regulations regarding psychedelics or other drugs.