Since the 1970s and the Controlled Substances Act’s creation, psychedelic substances have often been shrouded in stigma, misunderstandings, and legal constraints. However, a wave of research showcasing their potential therapeutic benefits and the gradual easing of regulatory shackles have ignited a renewed interest in these mind-opening substances. Among the proponents of psychedelics are several celebrities who have openly shared their experiences and the impact these substances have had on their lives.

Comedian Seth Rogen on the Power of Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms)

Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen, an actor, producer, and comedian with roles in films like The Lion King, The Interview, and Dumb Money, has been open about his use of psychedelics and cannabis, often publicly discussing the impact these substances have had on his life and career. From a young age, Rogen indulged in magic mushrooms, which he believed may have had a consciousness-expanding effect. In a 2018 interview with Vulture, Rogen discusses using psychedelics at the age of 13. He credits this willingness to explore psychedelics with helping him embrace curiosity and enhancing his creativity. This openness has continued into adulthood, where he still occasionally engages with psychedelics. Rogen values the introspective and insightful experiences they provide.(1)

“What I do know is that I’ve started reading more about drugs as I’ve gotten older, and what I’ve read has made me think, ‘Man, I did a lot of shrooms when I was like 13 and 14 years old — dozens of times at a formative age.’ It’s a real consciousness-expanding drug, so maybe it’s had pretty deep effects.”

– Seth Rogen – In Conversation: Seth Rogen, Vulture Magazine.

The actor has shared that his psychedelic journeys have sometimes influenced significant life decisions, including career choices. He recounted a particular instance where an experience with magic mushrooms led him to quit a job the following day, indicating a level of introspection that psychedelics provide. Rogen finds that psychedelics can be valuable for navigating his personal and professional life. This connection between his psychedelic experiences and real-life decisions reflects a different perspective on how these substances can play a role in self-reflection and personal development, albeit in a very unconventional manner that is unique to Rogen’s individual experience.(1)

Rogen has also discussed his relationship with psychedelics during his appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, where he recounts a story about splitting several grams of mushrooms with a friend. According to Rogen, he and his friend started their psychedelic adventure in Amsterdam before somehow ending up in Paris.

In addition to psychedelics, Seth Rogen has a long-standing relationship with cannabis, which he often humorously integrates into his public persona. Unlike the common stereotype associated with cannabis users, Rogen credits marijuana for enhancing his work ethic and enabling him to enjoy the working process. His approach challenges the typical narrative surrounding cannabis use, showing a side where it’s utilized to enhance productivity and satisfaction within the professional realm. Through his candid discussions, Rogen contributes to a broader conversation about the potential benefits of psychedelics, reflecting a narrative that is both personal and exploratory in nature.(1)

Kristen Bell Finds Her Own “Good Place” With Magic Mushrooms

Kristen Bell

In a story by People, Kristen Bell, known for her role in The Good Place, shared her exploration of psychedelic mushrooms as a means to manage her long-standing depression and anxiety. Inspired by Michael Pollan’s book How to Change Your Mind, she expressed a keen interest in experiencing the effects of psilocybin mushrooms. Bell’s intrigue led her to a personal experiment in a controlled, safe setting.(2)

“He really goes into detail about this underground academic community that has continued to study the effects of LSD and psilocybin on what they call ‘healthy normal.’”

– Kristen Bell – Depression, Anxiety and a Side of Eczema, HypochondriActor

In a supportive attempt to help Bell with her endeavor, her husband, Dax Shepard, a recovering drug addict, procured quality mushrooms and accompanied her throughout the experience, ensuring a safe and comfortable setting for her. The experiment was conducted on Bell’s birthday last year, with Shepard guiding her through a neighborhood walk during the psychedelic journey. Through this endeavor, Bell hoped to not just experience the effects of the substance but also engage in dialogue with Shepard to enrich the experience. She described a profound moment of self-appreciation and amazement towards her own body during the trip, hinting at the potential introspective and positive self-reflective capabilities of psychedelic substances.(2)

“I really wanted to try some psilocybin [the technical term for hallucinogenic mushrooms] and feel what kind of doors open, have a trip that was my own.”

– Kristen Bell – Depression, Anxiety and a Side of Eczema, HypochondriActor

Post-experiment, Bell acknowledged the transient nature of her mental health struggles, mentioning they “come in waves” but are not suicidal. She emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and seeking timely help when overwhelmed by external stimuli which exacerbate her anxiety. Additionally, Bell continues her medication regime, and while unsure of a future without it, she advocates for exploring various therapeutic avenues. Bell’s experience underscores the emerging narrative around psychedelic substances, spotlighting personal and potentially therapeutic explorations amidst ongoing scientific inquiry into psilocybin’s efficacy in mental health treatment.(2)

Bell’s interest has likely been spurred by research that underscores the potential of psychedelics like psilocybin and MDMA to address trauma and addiction.(2, 3)

Harry Styles Thinks Magic Mushrooms Boost His Creativity

Harry Styles

Singer and songwriter Harry Styles has been quite open about his use of psychedelics, particularly during the creative process of his music. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he shared that while working on his album Fine Line in Malibu, he did mushrooms and found inspiration while listening to former Beatles singer, songwriter, and bass player Paul McCartney’s music. This experience reportedly helped shape the sound and artistic direction of the album. Styles appears to believe in the creative enhancement that psychedelics can provide, aiding in exploring new auditory and artistic landscapes.(4)

“We’d do mushrooms, lie down on the grass, and listen to Paul McCartney’s Ram in the sunshine.”
– Harry Styles – The Eternal Sunshine of Harry Styles, Rolling Stone.

Additionally, Styles’ psychedelic experiences seem to have had a personal impact. The freedom and insight gained during these altered states could offer a break from the pressures and expectations of being a globally recognized artist. Psychedelics may provide a medium for Styles to explore his thoughts and emotions in a different light, aiding in personal growth and self-reflection, which, in turn, could reflect in his music and personality.(4, 5)

By sharing his experiences with psychedelics, Styles contributes to the ongoing discourse surrounding the use of these substances in the creative industry. His openness about the subject helps in demystifying and destigmatizing the use of psychedelics, presenting them as tools for creativity and personal insight rather than merely recreational substances. Through his narrative, Harry Styles joins a growing list of artists and celebrities who acknowledge the potential benefits of psychedelics in enhancing creativity and fostering personal growth.(4, 5)

Magic Mushrooms May Have Saved Mike Tyson from Suicide

Mike Tyson

In an Interview with Reuters, Mike Tyson, once the world’s heavyweight boxing champion, credits magic mushrooms for saving him from severe mental distress that pushed him to the brink of suicide. After starting his journey with the psychedelic, Tyson experienced a personal and career revival. Tyson has noted the profound changes in his mindset and outlook on life as one of the positive benefits of psilocybin. While he openly praises the transformative effects of psilocybin on his life, he also recognizes that the substance isn’t universally beneficial. Some people have negative reactions, including disturbing hallucinations and anxiety.(6)

Tyson often cites psilocybin as the source of the relief he found from his physical and mental struggles, which prompted him to partner with Wesana Health, a company at the forefront of studying psilocybin’s efficacy in treating traumatic brain injuries in athletes and veterans. Recently, Tyson has spoken about the significant clinical research project that has commenced in partnership with the World Boxing Council and Wesana. This project aims to open new avenues of research into the use of psilocybin for TBI. In several interviews, Tyson has also discussed using DMT, which he attributes to feeling “born again.” Tyson believes that psychedelics like DMT and psilocybin should be accessible to all and that these substances can help people struggling with mental health or lack empathy.(6, 7)

“If you put ten people in a room that don’t like each other and give them some psychedelics, they’ll be taking pictures with each other.”

– Mike Tyson – Mike Tyson Says Psychedelics Saved His Life. Reuters.

In line with his transformative experience, Tyson envisions a world where psychedelics can foster empathy and harmony, contrasting the potential effects of psychedelics with the antagonistic outcomes associated with alcohol consumption. Tyson ardently believes that having more people access controlled psychedelic experiences could lead to a more empathetic and just global community.(6, 7)

Diplo Ran a Marathon on LSD


Diplo, a renowned DJ, has attracted attention for his use of psychedelics, particularly during physical exertion. In an interview with Esquire, Diplo recounts how he ran a marathon under the influence of LSD. He says he regularly microdoses with LSD and attributes his use of the powerful psychedelic to achieving his personal best for a marathon.(8)

“It was maybe half of a tab of acid. I had a pacesetter I was with, and we were talking the whole time, and after like seven miles, I looked at my phone and was like, ‘Man, I’m doing like seven-minute miles.’ I was running really fast, but I wasn’t focusing on my body. I was having a conversation. My body started to break down by mile 17. It was the longest I had ever run, and I didn’t even notice it. I attribute that to the LSD.”

– Diplo – Diplo Has Always Felt Misunderstood, Esquire.

During an interview on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Diplo discussed other entertaining psychedelic exploits, such as when he rescued a cow while on LSD. He has also been open about using 5-MeO-DMT to calm his anxiety. Diplo’s candid stance on psychedelics contributes to a broader conversation about the legalization and acceptance of psychedelic medicine. Which have been recognized for their potential therapeutic benefits, especially in treating mental health disorders.(8, 9)

Despite the anecdotal experiences shared by individuals like Seth Rogen, Kristen Bell, Harry Styles, Mike Tyson, and Diplo, the use of psychedelics remains a complex and controversial topic. While it may be easy to dismiss anecdotal stories like these, they are important in increasing public awareness about psychedelic medicine. Celebrities are uniquely positioned to provide influence and encourage acceptance, hopefully ushering more Americans into the burgeoning “psychedelic renaissance.”

This material is not intended as a replacement or substitute for any legal or medical advice. Always consult a medical professional about your health needs. Psychedelics are widely illegal in the United States, and readers should always be informed about local, state, and federal regulations regarding psychedelics or other drugs.

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