Psychedelic Resources

Explore our curated list of psychedelic non-profits, advocacy and harm reduction organizations, translated scientific studies and more in one central location.


Embark on a journey through the psychedelic landscape with our expert list of organizations at the cutting edge of consciousness research, policy and the study of psychedelic-assisted therapy. We’ve handpicked this directory of the leading organizations to showcase some of the amazing work being done in this exciting field.

Chacruna Institute
Drug Science
Edelic Center
Heffter Research Institute
Heroic Hearts Project non-profit
Indigenous Peyote Conservation Initiative
JH Center for Psychedelic Research
MAPS Non-profit
OPEN Foundation
Psychedelics Association of Canada
PRISM non-profit
Fireside Project
Psychedelic Society of San Francisco
Usona Institute
Veterans of War


Discover essential psychedelic research translated into accessible summaries, highlighting key insights and their significance for both potential users and patients, as well as the wider psychedelic community.