Safe Use

Navigate your psychedelic journey with confidence: our safety and harm reduction hub offers vital tips on safe use and best practices to ensure an empowering experience. Arm yourself with knowledge to explore the transformative power of psychedelics safely and responsibly.

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Safe Psychedelics Use: Harm Reduction Best Practices

Navigate the realm of psychedelics safely with our guide on harm reduction best practices. Uncover crucial steps to mitigate risks and ensure a secure, enlightening experience.

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Harm Reduction Best Practices

Student’s Guide

A Student’s Guide to Psychedelic Harm Reduction and Navigating Challenging Experiences

College and university students may encounter psychedelics and other substances during their academic journey. This guide offers comprehensive insights into psychedelic harm reduction, equipping you with the everything you need to know to have a positive psychedelic experience.

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Find Support Resources

Are you experiencing an adverse psychedelic event or bad trip? These psychedelic crisis support and harm reduction resources can help you deal with a negative psychedelic experience. From crisis support services, to peer-led hotlines, we have you covered.

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