Imagine standing under the open sky, the sun shining brightly overhead. Suddenly, the day turns into night as the moon slides between the Earth and the sun, casting a shadow that darkens the landscape around you. This rare and mesmerizing event is a total solar eclipse, a natural phenomenon that has captivated humans for centuries. Now, envision experiencing this celestial spectacle while under the influence of LSD, a psychedelic drug known for its effects on the mind and senses.

Interestingly, there is an intersection between the altered states of consciousness induced by psychedelics, like LSD, and the awe-inspiring experience of watching an eclipse. According to a study titled A Case Study of Space-Time Distortion During a Total Lunar Eclipse Following Street Use of LSD, acid, with its ability to distort time, amplify colors, and heighten emotions, could offer a unique lens through which to witness the sun’s corona, revealing sights and sensations that are beyond what one would ordinarily experience.

Does that mean LSD may change how you experience a solar eclipse?

How Does LSD Change the Brain?

LSD impact on the brain

LSD is, by weight, the most powerful psychedelic drug commonly available. This potency has fascinated scientists, artists, and psychonauts for decades. Discovered in 1938, it became famous in the 1960s for its potential to alter human consciousness. When someone takes LSD, they embark on a journey that can transform their perception of time, space, themselves, and reality itself.

One of the most notable effects of LSD is its impact on the brain’s way of processing time. For someone under its influence, minutes can feel like hours, stretching moments into eternities. This distortion can make the experience of time feel fluid and malleable. One study examined the effects of a microdose of LSD on our ability to perceive time. Researchers found that LSD consistently led to overestimating time intervals lasting 2000 milliseconds or more, with these effects being most noticeable at the 10 μg dose condition.(1, 2)

Given that a solar eclipse only lasts a few minutes, LSD’s time distortion effect may extend that to what feels like hours. This longer window may allow you to tap into a deeper part of yourself, opening your mind to change and growth. One of the best aspects of psychedelics is this, the ability to help you understand yourself and your struggles.

LSD also changes how we see the world around us. Colors may become brighter, patterns emerge where none were seen before, and the edges of objects may blur and shift. This enhancement of visual perception can turn ordinary sights into breathtaking panoramas.(3)

Beyond the senses, LSD touches the emotional core of our being. Feelings can intensify, leading to a rollercoaster of joy, awe, and sometimes anxiety. This emotional amplification can make experiences feel more significant, imbuing them with profound insight or spiritual connection. LSD may also induce an altered state of consciousness known as oceanic boundlessness. This is when someone undergoes the loss of their ego, and feel as if they are one with creation.(4)

However, as mentioned above, LSD can exacerbate anxiety or paranoia. Making it critical that you are in a setting where you feel safe, supported and are able to fully relax and embrace the experience.

Viewing the Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

A solar eclipse is one of nature’s most spectacular displays, a cosmic event that unfolds when the moon passes directly between the Earth and the sun, casting a shadow that briefly turns day into night. This rare occurrence can only happen during a new moon when the sun and moon perfectly align with the Earth. For those lucky enough to be in the path of the eclipse’s totality, the experience is nothing short of magical.

At the heart of a solar eclipse is the moment of totality, when the moon completely covers the sun. The sky darkens swiftly, temperatures drop, and stars might even become visible in what was just moments ago broad daylight. The sun’s corona, its outer atmosphere, becomes visible as a glowing halo around the moon’s dark silhouette. This is the climax of the eclipse, a fleeting period that lasts only a few minutes but can leave a lasting impression on those who witness it.

The emotional impact of a solar eclipse can also be powerful. It can evoke a sense of unity with the natural world and other observers, a shared moment of beauty and mystery. For many, it’s an opportunity for reflection, a pause in the hustle and bustle of everyday life to ponder the bigger picture and our connection to the cosmos.


In short, the potent combination of LSD (or another psychedelic) with the emotional effects of viewing something as rare as the eclipse can help open your heart and mind to change. Furthermore, LSD’s effect on time perception could make the brief moments of an eclipse feel extended, allowing for a deeper immersion into the event. This altered state might also facilitate spiritual or mystical experiences, offering insights into one’s place in the universe and fostering a profound sense of cosmic unity.

Psychedelics, Astrology, Cosmology and the Eclipse

Astrology and the Eclipse

The new moon and solar eclipse in astrology symbolize renewal and transformation, aligning with LSD’s capacity for deep introspection and mystical experiences. According to astrology, the new moon’s energy encourages setting intentions and personal reflection, much like the inward journey LSD can provoke, revealing inner truths and fostering self-exploration. The solar eclipse amplifies this, pushing for significant life shifts and unveiling hidden aspects of the psyche, mirroring LSD’s ability to dissolve self-boundaries and enhance feelings of unity with the cosmos.

This intersection creates a powerful setting for change, marking the perfect opportunity for the intentional, goal-driven use of LSD. The introspective depth of the new moon, coupled with the transformative push of a solar eclipse, resonates with LSD’s deeply introspective nature.

This synergy offers a unique opportunity for personal and spiritual growth, encouraging individuals to explore their consciousness and embrace new directions in life. These celestial events and psychedelic experiences can facilitate a deep connection with the universe, prompting significant shifts in perspective and life paths

If one were to set an intention for this event, it might be about receiving clarity and insights about the aspects of our lives (relationships, habits, etc.) that we might be ready to let go of, and move on from.

What to Expect if You Take LSD During an Eclipse

mind altering effects of LSD and the Eclipse

Combining the mind-altering effects of LSD with the awe-inspiring view of a solar eclipse creates a scenario ripe for mystical experiences. Some of the ways LSD may enhance viewing a solar eclipse include:(1, 2, 3, 4)

  1. Time Distortion and the Eclipse: As mentioned, LSD significantly alters time perception, making the short duration of a solar eclipse’s totality seem much longer. This effect enhances immersion, allowing observers to deeply engage with every eclipse aspect with heightened awareness.
  2. Visual Enhancement and Perception Changes: LSD amplifies visual experiences, intensifying colors and enhancing contrasts. During a solar eclipse, this can make the corona’s glow brighter and the surrounding twilight hues more vivid, transforming the view into an even more surreal and captivating spectacle. That said, it’s important to remember not to look directly at the eclipse without eye protection, and to follow safety protocols for a psychedelic journey.
  3. Emotional Amplification: Experiencing a solar eclipse under LSD may amplify emotions, ranging from excitement to deep contemplation. This combination may provoke intense introspection and feelings of unity with the cosmos, leading to significant spiritual or existential insights.
  4. Changes to Audio Perception: LSD effects audio perception, making music more immersive and enhancing the ability to discern individual instruments and layers. Listening to music becomes a deeply personal and transcendent experience, showcasing LSD’s role as a potent enhancer of musical engagement. If one were to listen to music during the eclipse you may find that it transports you into new, astounding states of mind amplifying the experience.
  5. Shifts in Thought Patterns: Like other psychedelics such as psilocybin, LSD is known for altering how we think. When taken in conjunction with the eclipse, these effects may be amplified. This, in turn, could help you make significant breakthroughs, such as identifying areas of your life in need and radical change.
  6. Cosmic Unity: High doses of LSD may induce a sense of cosmic unity or oceanic boundlessness, creating a feeling of oneness with the universe and transcending personal identity and time. The convergence of personal insight and universal understanding through psychedelics provides a unique view of the interplay between the macrocosm (the universe) and the microcosm (the individual), creating a unique opportunity for reflection and growth.
  7. Safety Considerations: Observing an eclipse on LSD requires caution due to its effects on perception and cognition, which can affect the use of protective eyewear and safe navigation. The potential for mood alterations and anxiety also underscores the need for a sober companion to ensure safety and assist with logistics.

Why LSD Could Change How You View the Eclipse

friends watching the eclipse

LSD’s capacity to induce such experiences is likely rooted in its complex neurocognitive effects. The substance interacts with serotonin receptors in the brain, leading to alterations in perception, thought processes, and heightened awareness. These changes can make users more susceptible to external stimuli such as focused bright light, and shadows a prominent feature of a solar eclipse. This heightened sensitivity can amplify the visual and emotional impact of the eclipse, blending the external cosmic event with the internal cosmic consciousness induced by LSD.(1, 4)

The intense experiences facilitated by LSD are not created in a vacuum. They often draw upon your memories, knowledge, and imagination, creating elaborations that can feel incredibly real. When observing a solar eclipse while under the influence of LSD, the mind may create strange scenarios or visualizations, such as traveling to distant celestial bodies or witnessing cosmic phenomena first-hand.(1, 4)

Given the powerful effects of LSD and the mind-opening nature of the eclipse, it is paramount that any self-exploration is conducted with the utmost caution. The potential for adverse reactions, including psychological distress or unsafe behavior during an eclipse, cannot be overlooked. You should always prioritize safety and well-being.

Some important safety tips include:

  1. Use Proper Eye Protection: Always wear ISO-certified eclipse glasses to protect your eyes from harmful solar rays, even when the effects of psychedelics might alter your perception of brightness.
  2. Stay in a Safe Environment: Choose a secure and familiar location for viewing the eclipse to prevent disorientation or accidents while under the influence of psychedelics.
  3. Have a Sober Guide: Ensure a trusted, sober companion is with you to help navigate the experience, manage safety equipment, and provide assistance if needed.
  4. Prepare for Weather: Be ready for temperature drops and changing weather conditions during the eclipse; dress appropriately to stay comfortable.
  5. Mind Your Dosage: If choosing to use psychedelics, consider a lower dose to maintain a level of awareness necessary for safely experiencing the eclipse and using protective gear correctly.

For more safety information explore our guide to Psychedelic Safety: Crisis & Support resources for Harm Reduction.

The combination of LSD-induced cosmic consciousness and the observation of a solar eclipse offers a unique window into the human psyche. The potential for novel insights into time, space, and consciousness invites us to explore pharmacologically induced alterations of the space-time continuum. Or, more simply, psychedelics, like LSD, could open your mind and heart to our strange but amazing universe.

This material is not intended as a replacement or substitute for any legal or medical advice. Always consult a medical professional about your health needs. Psychedelics are widely illegal in the United States, and readers should always be informed about local, state, and federal regulations regarding psychedelics or other drugs.

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