From intimate gatherings on ancestral medicines, to grand academic symposiums and investor-focused networking events, psychedelic conferences continue to expand in size, scope, and diversity of interests. The opportunity to connect with and learn from experts and fellow enthusiasts is a crucial catalyst in the growth of the psychedelic medicine space. And 2024 offers a wide range of event options.

Explore our guide to this year’s top psychedelic conferences and events to learn more.

discovery sessions logo

Discovery Sessions

DS 24

Discovery Sessions is a Bay Area gathering of the psychedelics community, with panels on science, therapeutics, culture, and business, with a psychedelic art gallery, and live performances. This year’s speaker lineup includes industry leaders Maya Jaguar, Hamilton Morris, Mikaela de la Myco, Robin Carhart-Harris, Acacea Lewis, Joe Moore, Dennis Walker, Jim Fadiman, and more.

Learn more: Discovery Sessions
Dates: 18-19 April, 2024


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Bridging the Worlds

Bridging the world

The Bridging the Worlds: The Confluence of Indigenous Wisdom and Psychedelic Science Conference, is scheduled for April 18, 2024, at the Nighthorse Campbell Native Health Building in Aurora, Colorado, and virtually via Zoom. The conference aims to collect expertise from across the global spectrum to create confluence from all tributaries and run together towards a better future for all.

Learn more: Bridging the Worlds
Dates: 18 April, 2024

Breaking Convension

Breaking Convention 2024 (one-day conference)

Breaking Convension

Europe’s largest conference on psychedelic consciousness, Breaking Convention debuted at the University of Kent in 2011 to an audience of 500 delegates. This one-day mini conference is the latest offering from Breaking Convention, renowned for its biennial multidisciplinary gatherings on psychedelic consciousness. This event focuses on the latest research, ideas, and societal impacts of psychedelics.

Learn more: Breaking Convention 2024
Dates: 20 April, 2024

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Psychedelic Culture 2024

PCU Banner

Psychedelic Culture 2024 will continue to explore themes largely absent from the mainstream psychedelic conversation, related to Chacruna’s main initiatives: Indigenous Reciprocity & Decolonial Dialogues, Psychedelic Justice, Protection of Sacred Plants & Cultural Traditions, and voices from the Global South. This two day in-person conference will have 3 simultaneous tracks, putting indigenous reciprocity, decolonial dialogues, psychedelic justice, and the preservation of sacred traditions at the forefront of conversations. 

Learn more: Psychedelic Culture 2024
Dates: 27-28 April, 2024

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Horizons New York

Horizon Conference

Horizons creates conferences and films that examine the role of psychedelics in science, medicine, policy, business, culture, and spirituality. Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics is the longest-running annual psychedelic learning event in the world. The 16th annual conference in New York City is being held on May 8-11, 2024 at the New York Academy of Medicine.

Learn more: Horizons 2024
Dates: 8-11 May, 2024

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Psycon Las Vegas 2024

Las Vegas Nevada

PsyCon is a conference and trade show featuring expert panels from across the space, with exhibits from top companies, focused on emerging markets and striving to cultivate connections while promoting education and innovation. Featuring a roster of speakers, including two-time NBA champion Lamar Odom and esteemed academic Gary Laderman.

Learn more: Psycon Las Vegas 2024
Dates: 9-11 May, 2024


The Summit on Breakthrough Therapies for Addiction

Momentum PBC

The Summit on Breakthrough Therapies for Addiction at the Mount Sinai Medical Center of Florida in Miami runs from May 15-16, aiming to integrate traditional patient care with avant-garde treatments involving psychedelics, non-hallucinogenic compounds, neuromodulation, digital therapeutics, and virtual reality.

Learn more: Summit on Breakthrough Therapies for Addiction
Dates: 15-16 May, 2024

Psychedelic Therapeutic Conference

Psychedelic Therapeutics & Drug Development 2024

Psychedelic Therapeutics Drug Development

The 4th Annual Psychedelic Therapeutics and Drug Development Conference comes to Boston, MA on May 23-24, 2024. This event brings together researchers and leaders in academia, industry, the nonprofit sector, and government to discuss the development of psychedelics for various health conditions. Speakers and panelists will cover topics such as Clinical Trial Design, Intellectual Property, Regulatory Guidance, Psychedelic Drug Delivery, Commercialization, Legal Issues, Emerging Preclinical Science, and New Clinical Data.

Learn more: Psychedelic Therapeutics & Drug Development 2024
Dates: 23-24 May, 2024


Aspen Psychedelic Symposium 2024

Aspen Denver Event

The second annual Aspen Psychedelic Symposium will take place at the historic Wheeler Opera House in the heart of Aspen, Colorado. This two-day gathering will explore tradition, science, and advocacy, allowing participants to connect with scientists, doctors, and luminaries. Speakers include Rick Doblin, Zack Leary, and Gül Dölen.

Learn more: Aspen Psychedelic Symposium 2024
Dates: May 31 – June 1, 2024


Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelic Research (ICPR)

ICPR 2024

This is the sixth edition of the Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelic Research organized by the OPEN Foundation. ICPR gathers experts across multiple academic disciplines, including psychiatry, psychology, neuroscience, anthropology, ethnobotany, and philosophy, for a multidisciplinary scientific conference encompassing academia, therapy, research, clinical practice, policymaking, and public engagement.

Learn more: ICPR 2024
Dates: 6-8 June, 2024

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2024 Canadian Psychedelics Summit

HH Banner

Taking place in beautiful British Columbia, the 2024 Canadian Psychedelics Summit is a five-day summit featuring storytellers, workshops, and opportunities for deep relationship and community building. Key themes include: Reciprocity & Respect, Accountability & Repair, Healing & Well-being, Social & Cultural Impact.

Learn more: 2024 Canadian Psychedelics Summit
Dates: 17-21 July, 2024


Psychedelic Medicine (Israel)

Psychedelic Medicine Isreal

Psychedelic Medicine – Israel 2024 offers an interdisciplinary international forum for exchanging ideas, unveiling innovations and training in the basics of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. The conference will encompass basic, translational and clinical research. Speakers include Harriet De Wit, Jan Ramaekers, and Rick Doblin.

Learn more: Psychedelic Medicine, Israel
Dates: July 28-31, 2024


Soulquinox 2024


Organized by the Psychedelic Society of Vermont, this community gathers in the Green Mountains of Vermont to celebrate the role psychedelics have in personal growth, healing, and health. The event brings together themes of community, spirituality, and science through the lens of psychedelic experiences. The event also offers Continuing Education (CE) credits and a mix of daytime and evening spiritual experiences.

Learn more: Soulquinox 2024
Dates: 20-22 September, 2024

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Psycon Denver 2024

PsyCon Denver

PsyCon 2024 is scheduled for October 12-14 at the Denver Convention Center. PsyCon aims to be the premier trade show and expo for Colorado’s soon-to-be-launched psychedelic industry. PsyCon offers entrepreneurs and consumers alike the chance to learn, network, and build the foundation for what could be one of the biggest psychedelic markets in the nation.

Learn more: Psycon Denver 2024
Dates: 12-14 October, 2024


Wonderland Conference


Wonderland is one of the industry’s largest conferences, bringing thousands of participants to Miami for 3 days, with hundreds of speakers across psychedelic medicine, longevity, and mental health. This year’s dates have not been announced yet but the event usually takes place in early-November.

Learn more: Wonderland Conference
Dates: TBA




Taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, reMind Psychedelics Business Forum brings together entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, policymakers and healthcare professionals at the forefront of the rapidly evolving psychedelics marketplace.

Learn more: ReMind Psychedelics Business Forum
Dates: 3 December, 2024

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