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Most Influential People in Psychedelics

The Most Influential People in Psychedelics

Meet the living legends, historical figures, and rising stars making an impact in the psychedelic community.

An integral part of our mission is to inform and inspire those curious about psychedelics. We celebrate the contributions of those who came before us, those who work alongside us, and those who are poised to bring psychedelics and psychedelic research into the future.
Featured ARTICLE
March 1, 2023

Does the Spirit Molecule, DMT, Drive Our Sense of Reality? We Talk with Expert Dr. Rick Strassman

DMT expert Rick Strassman walks us through the implications of a psychedelic native to our bodies, which seems to take us to other dimensions, and releases at the point of death.

Featured ARTICLE
March 4, 2023

Psychedelic Art Legend Alex Grey Reveals His Favorite Artists and Shares How to Return to a “State of Wonder”

Legendary psychedelic artist Alex Grey speaks with science writer Nick Hilden about how psychedelics saved his life and inspired him to create stunning works of visual genius.

Featured ARTICLE
Jamie Peck
March 3, 2023

Fentanyl vs Magic Mushrooms: 150 vs 0 Dead a Day
― A Tale of Two “Drugs”

Why has the United States government spent billions on prohibitive measures against psychedelics and cannabis while opioids have killed 107,000 of your neighbors in a year? In her deep-dive article, Jamie Peck shows you the massive discrepancy between the dangers and costs to society of magic mushrooms versus the very real epidemic brought to America by opioids and opiates like Fentanyl.


Psychedelic Podcasts You Should Know

Explore key podcasts and individual episodes covering the psychedelic space.

With a wide expanse of topics, including the science, history, social, and spiritual implications of psychedelics, they offer something to new seekers and seasoned psychonauts alike.
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Psychedelic Guides

These guides to psychedelics cover key education on the effects, benefits, risks, legalities, and what typical psychedelic experiences are like.

Topics such as dosage, facilitators, and integration practices are covered to aid in understanding safe exploration, harm reduction, and increasing likeliness of positive therapeutic outcomes.
  • Ayahuasca and DMT

    Your Guide to the Spirit Molecule
  • Ketamine Therapy

    A Guide to Ketamine as Medicine
  • LSD

    A Comprehensive Guide to Having a Good Trip
  • MDMA

    Your Guide on How to Use the “Love Drug” to Heal
  • Psilocybin

    A Guide for Healthy Tripping on Magic Mushrooms

Studies About Psychedelics

We’ve translated important psychedelic studies into approachable reading that includes key takeaways, focusing on the implications of their findings for potential users and patients, and for the broader world of psychedelics.

  • Psychedelic Study – Magic Mushrooms May Be the Tool to Treat End-of-Life Anxiety

  • Psychedelic Study – Psilocybin May Be Nature’s Gift to Combat Depression

  • Psychedelic Study – MDMA As Medicine: How Molly May Treat PTSD

  • Psychedelic Study – Magic Mushrooms for Depression: Psilocybin Therapy

  • Psychedelic Study – Can Psychedelic Medicine Change Psychiatric Care?

  • Psychedelic Study – Ketamine Could Revolutionize Alcohol Addiction Treatment

  • Psychedelic Study – The Power of Psychedelics: Healing With Hallucinogens

  • Psychedelic Study – Can Tripping Make People More Devout? How a 60-Year-Old Study Proves Psychedelics Could Have a Place in Religion

  • Psychedelic Study – Can Ibogaine Help End The Opioid Epidemic?

  • Psychedelic Study―Psilocybin and Mindfulness: A Mental Health Double-Whammy?


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