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2022 and 2023 Psychedelic Roundup
June 6, 2023

Psychedelic News Roundup: Pfizer Enters the Psychedelic Industry

Disclaimer | In Crisis?

In Crisis?

If you are in crisis or contemplating self-harm or suicide, please call 988 or visit 988Lifeline.org, which provides free and confidential emotional support to people in suicidal crisis or emotional distress 24/7 in the United States. An extensive list of International suicide prevention hotlines can be found there. Remember: You are needed, you deserve to be here, and you are not alone. Reach out, and do not give up.

Having a Challenging Trip?

If you are experiencing a difficult psychedelic event, or still need help processing one, call or text 62-FIRESIDE. The Fireside Project offers free emotional support during or after a psychedelic experience. You can also download their app. Their services are completely confidential, and their staff is rigorously trained, compassionate, and knowledgeable regarding psychedelics. You can also contact SAMHSA’s National Helpline at (800) 622-HELP (4357). Their confidential helpline is available 24/7 in English and Spanish for individuals and family members experiencing emotional distress or crisis.

Additional support resources can be found in the Zendo Project directory. The Zendo Project was founded in partnership with the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. Their extensive list of harm reduction resources, emotional support services, and peer support hotlines offer a vast array of tools to help you move through a challenging experience and come out the other side feeling empowered and secure.

Having a Medical Emergency?

If you or a loved one are experiencing a medical emergency and require immediate attention, please dial 911 (USA) immediately.

Are You a Veteran Having a Medical Emergency?

If you are a veteran experiencing a difficult trip or crisis, please contact (800) 273-8255 and Press 1. This will connect you to the Veteran Crisis Line. Their hotline is staffed by experienced personnel, many of whom are also veterans. A trained responder will answer your call 24/7 to help you through a crisis, anxiety, or thoughts of self-harm.

Emotional and Crisis Support for the LGBTQIA+ Community.

Members of the LGBTQIA+ community may face unique and difficult situations during a challenging psychedelic experience. If you need emotional or crisis support, dial (888) 688-5428 or visit LGBThotline.org. Their hotline is designed for people of all ages and staffed by a dedicated team of highly trained volunteers from all parts of the LGBT+ community. They also offer a dedicated line for LGBT+ seniors that you can reach at (888) 234-7243.

Be Wary of Fentanyl-Contaminated Drugs.

The United States is experiencing a synthetic opioid epidemic that has claimed thousands of lives due to street drugs being adulterated with other drugs, such as fentanyl. Fentanyl is an incredibly powerful and deadly narcotic, with doses as low as two milligrams (a dose so small it could fit on the tip of a pencil) being potentially deadly. While it is never recommended to consume any illicit substances, it is critical that you or the people you know test any drugs you may ingest for fentanyl. Several non-profit harm reduction organizations, such as DanceSafe, offer fentanyl testing strips and at-home drug testing kits.

Medical Disclaimer

The information we provide is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It should not be used in place of the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider. Some individuals with preexisting mental health conditions should not use psychedelics. Always consult with a trained medical professional about your specific healthcare needs.

Are Psychedelics Legal?

Most classical and non-classical psychedelic drugs are prohibited in the United States under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. This family of chemical compounds are considered Schedule I drugs, the most tightly controlled and generally illegal class. This includes psilocybin (aka Magic Mushrooms), Methyl​enedioxy​methamphetamine (MDMA), Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), Ayahuasca, Ibogaine, Peyote, 2C-B, Cannabis, and others. Ketamine is also controlled under the same act and listed as a Schedule III drug. Due to the illegal or controlled nature of these drugs, it is not advised that you attempt to purchase, source, or otherwise possess any Scheduled substances, as you may be at risk of civil and criminal penalties.

Legal Disclaimer

The information provided on this website is intended for informational and harm reduction purposes only and does not constitute medical or legal advice. Nor is this information, or any journalistic stories, anecdotes, visual or artistic material intended as a replacement or supplement for medical or legal advice. It is important to understand that using any psychedelic compounds from the streets has significant risks and is unlikely to produce the promising results emerging in some clinical trials which involve particular dosing and purity, along with specific, carefully crafted psychotherapy in a safe, controlled environment. Various psychedelics purchased illegally often are adulterated with other, possibly harmful substances, making it difficult and not advisable to self-medicate for PTSD, anxiety, depression, or for the treatment of other mental health issues.

The global psychedelic medicine market continues to move forward despite some setbacks, with growth expected to continue at a steady rate over the next five years​​. Leading players making significant impact on the industry in 2023 include Mindset Pharma, Pfizer, Numinus Wellness, AbbVie, TRYP Therapeutics, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, and MindMed​​.

Mindset Pharma
Numinus Wellness
Tryp Therapeutics
Jazz Pharmaceuticals

The industry has faced recent challenges. Field Trip Health and Wellness Ltd. announced that, in an effort to cut costs and stabilize expenditures, the company would be closing several of its clinics. Those affected included Field Trip Health centers in Chicago, Washington DC, Seattle, San Diego, and Fredericton.(1)

Another blow to the nascent psychedelic space came with the collapse of Synthesis Institute. Founded in 2018, Synthesis sought to bring psychedelic therapy to the masses, but struggled following a series of expenditures. One of these was the acquisition of their proposed Oregon facility, a sprawling 124 acre site in Jackson County. Unfortunately, the county opted to confine psychedelic service centers to a narrow corridor of commercial zones, prohibiting such sites elsewhere. This, along with other factors, led to Synthesis Institute suddenly declaring bankruptcy, sans an organized communication strategy to inform staff or students enrolled in their psychedelic facilitator training program.(2)

Further complicating matters for forward-looking psychedelic entrepreneurs was a late 2022 vote by 25 Oregon counties to restrict or outright prohibit psychedelic healing centers. This dealt a blow to several players at the state level.(3)

However, the industry continues to move forward.

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Corporate Partnerships and Funding

Logo Johnson Johnson

In the business sector, Psychedelic Therapies Inc. announced a partnership with a leading pharmaceutical company, Johnson & Johnson, to develop novel psychedelic compounds for mental health treatments. This partnership aims to leverage the expertise of both companies in the field of psychedelic research and development. The deal is expected to accelerate the development and commercialization of psychedelic therapies for mental health disorders.(4)

mindmed logo

Meanwhile, MindMed, a leading psychedelic medicine biotech company, secured $50 million in a Series B funding round. The funds will be used to advance the company’s diverse pipeline of psychedelic-inspired medicines and experiential therapies.(5)

Clinical Trials and Scientific Studies

Compass Pathways

In the realm of clinical trials, COMPASS Pathways announced promising results for its psilocybin-based psychedelic treatment, COMP360, showing a reduction in symptoms of treatment-resistant depression (TRD). The treatment is currently under investigation in a pair of Phase III trials​​. Despite these advancements, the industry faces challenges, including the federal prohibition and high restrictions on psilocybin, which will need to change for companies to make profits from their therapies​​.(6)

Filament Health

Filament Health Corp touted interim safety reporting from its Phase I clinical trial. Healthy subjects received doses of Filament’s botanical psilocybin and psilocin drug candidates, PEX010, PEX020, and PEX030, marking the first reported clinical trial results for a naturally sourced psychedelic drug​​. The drug candidates showed good tolerability, with fifteen doses administered without serious or unexpected adverse events​​.(7)


Similarly, MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) declared the completion of its Phase III clinical trial for MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD. The results showed a significant reduction in PTSD symptoms, with 67% of participants no longer qualifying for PTSD after three sessions.(8)

A study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology in April 2023 revealed that psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, could potentially help reduce opioid dependence. The study suggested that psilocybin-assisted therapy could provide a promising approach in addressing the opioid crisis.(9)



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Regulatory Changes

March 2023: The state of Washington saw movement with its pilot program designed to allow veterans and first responders access to psychedelic medicine. The bill, sponsored by Sen. Jesse Salomon (D), passed the state Senate as well as the House Committee on Health Care and Wellness. The move is part of a broader trend towards the decriminalization of psychedelics across the United States.(10)

Colorado Governor Jared Polis

May 2023: Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed the Colorado Psychedelic Bill, which will implement changes to the voter-approved ballot measure Colorado Prop. 122, which legalized the adult use of naturally occurring psychedelics like psilocybin, mescaline (not derived from peyote), ibogaine, ayahuasca, and DMT. These changes put in place certain guardrails for non-licensed psychedelic facilitators and for cultivating natural psychedelics for personal use. It also charged the state Department of Revenue with regulating psychedelic manufacturing, distribution, testing, and certain business activities.(11)

American Medical Association

May 2023: The American Medical Association gave the green light to three new current procedural terminology (CPT) codes for psychedelic therapies. These codes, essential for classifying treatments and processing insurance claims, were lobbied for by COMPASS Pathways in partnership with a subsidiary of MAPS.

Essentially, CPT codes allow providers across many different areas of the health industry to utilize a common language for tracking and billing psychedelic therapies. However, the new codes will not go into effect until January 2024,​​ and will likely benefit COMPASS and other companies such as Atai Life Sciences. Regulatory approval for the commercialization of their therapies may not be obtained until after that deadline​​. (12)

The Future of Psychedelics

Oregon Health Authority

In addition to the aforementioned regulatory changes, the Oregon Health Authority began accepting applications for psilocybin service licenses in January 2023, with new psilocybin service centers expected to open their doors to clients throughout the year. This development is a significant step in the state’s implementation of Ballot Measure 109, which was passed in November 2020 and directs the Oregon Health Authority to license and regulate the manufacturing, transportation, delivery, sale, and purchase of psilocybin products and the provision of psilocybin services. However, significant concerns, such as the prohibitive costs, difficulty accessing care, and a lack qualified providers continue to be key issues.(13)

US may soon approve MDMA therapy

The U.S. may soon approve MDMA therapy, marking the opening of a new era of psychedelic medicine. This potential approval could significantly impact the treatment of mental illnesses, further legitimizing the therapeutic value of psychedelics. MAPS believes that MDMA to be approved as a treatment for PTSD as early as October 2023. However, time will tell of those estimates have been overly optimistic.(14)


Lastly, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) updated its Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) regulations in May 2023. These regulations contain minimum requirements for the methods, facilities, and controls used in manufacturing, processing, and packing of a drug product, ensuring that a product is safe for use and has the ingredients and strength it claims to have. The update is crucial for the psychedelic industry as it sets the standards for the production of psychedelic substances.(15)

We will continue to watch for developments in the psychedelic industry and provide updates as new information becomes available.

This material is not intended as a replacement or substitute for any legal or medical advice. Always consult a medical professional about your health needs. Psychedelics are widely illegal in the United States, and readers should always be informed about local, state, and federal regulations regarding psychedelics or other drugs.

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